Lambengolmor - The Elven School of Loremasters

Lambengolmor School of Elven Loremasters
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The Online Lambengolmor The Elven School Of  Loremasters Is Now Open
Lambengolmor School of Elven Loremasters
Based On The Ancient History School Of Elven Loremasters As Shown Within The Canon of J.R.R. Tolkien.
Online Study Courses
The Lambengolmor School of Elven Loremasters allows you to study in the comfort of your home while gaining certifications in the courses you choose.
Learn From A Variety Of Nature's Methods.
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Elven Healing For All Creatures
This bird was injured at our home and after applying the methods discussed in this school alowed her to heal and fly away free.
Elven Herbal Schooling
Learn To Help Heal Yourself And Your Loved Ones. This course comes with a certification as a Family Herbalist (Herbalist level 1).
Elven Herbal Medication Preparation
Learn To Make Your Own Natural Medications
Elven Reiki Classes By A Reiki Master
Learn to incorporate Reiki into your life as a way to heal yourself and others with the Elven Light.
Study the art and science behind reflexology and become a certified home reflexologist.
Nutritionist Certification
Become a certified nutritionist and learn the Elven healing properties of food.
A Complete Library Included With Your Classes
You Will Receive The Complete Library Of Holistic Books On Healing By Dr. Earendil Spindelilus
Elven History
Learn in depth the history of the Elves worldwide, from Tolkein, to Iceland to the far reaches of Europe. This course covers the history of the Elven culture from a multitude of perspectives and cultures.
Elven Philosophy
Study the various aspects of Elven Philosophy and how it may apply to you in your life today.
Elven Language Studies
This course covers the Elven langauage as revelaed by J.R.R. Tolkien. Both Quenya and Sindarin are covered in detail, meant to give you a working knowledge of speaking and wirting in both languages.
Elven Meditation
Learn the various forms of meditation from an Elven perspective. This course comes with a certification in holistic meditation.
Family Herbalist and Nutritionist
My wife Peggy , certifed Family Herbalist and certifed nutritionist.
Dr. Earendil M. Spindelilus D.N.M., M.H., C.R., Psc.D
Dr. Earendil M. Spindelilus D.N.M., M.H., C.R., Psc.D:

Doctorate degree in Natural Medicine.
Traditional Naturopath
Clinical Master Herbalist
Certified Nutritionist
Certified Reflexology
Board Certified Diplomate of Natural Medicine.
Reiki Master

Lambengolmor - The Elven School of Loremasters

The School Of Elven Enlightenment and Awakening

Elven Healing Programs
Certification programs available:
Elven Herbalists Levels 1 and 2
Elven Nutritionist
Elven Reflexology
Elven Reiki Levels 1, 2 and 3
Elven First Aid

Elven Cultural Studies Programs
Available programs:
Elven History
Elven Philosophy
Elven Language

According to J.R.R. Tolkien, the Lambengolmor were the Loremasters of the Elves. They were skilled linguists and historians, and created many works about the Elves and their languages.
Known members were Rúmil, who invented the first alphabet, Fëanor, who invented the Tengwar, and Pengolodh, who is credited with many works that are the basis for The Silmarillion.
Elven Science Programs
Programs available:
Elven Astronomy
Elven Botany
Elven Zoology
Elven Anatomy
Elven Manifestation Programs
Programs available:
Oracle Studies:
From an elven perspective
The Faerie Oracle card theory and application

The Four Levels of Elven Manifestation
Elven Guided Meditation
Spiritual Studies:
Working with the Valalr and the Maiar - Tolkien canon,
Working with the Devas and other nature spirits - Findhorn Garden.
Full Diploma Program for Elven Loremaster
For those students wanting to earn the Diploma of Lambengolmor Loremaster
all four programs must be completed with certifcations earned in each applicable course.
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