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Lambengolmor - The Elven School of Loremasters
7 February 2020
Mae'Govannen (Welcome) I am very happy to announce our new Lambengolmor School of Elven Loremasters is getting set to open our virtual doors this Spring, most likely in April.

This has been a long time coming. I have thought about this and am finally being led to go forth with this project.
It is an act of love. I have traveld around the world and had the wonderful privilage of meeting so many people under a wide variety of circumstances and seen some of the best and worst that humans are capable of doing.

There has been no other time in history when it was more inmportant for there to be a surge in awakening, a time for each of us to remember who and what we are by nature. A time to begin to heal, both ourselves and the World around us.

As I watched the ever increasing pollution with the oceans as it became contaminated with islands of plastic and the fires in Australia and throughout the World, I felt it was time to create a central place where those with the Elven calling could go for a level of educaiton not seen anywhere else on Earth. A place where we can come together to not only learn about the Elven history and culture but also the language, arts, healing methods and spirituality. A place whre we can share wiht each other our dreams and observations of life as a living Elven Child.

I look forward to meeting you all soon and learning from each other. Please keep checking back here as we get closer to opening day.

Have a most blessed and gentle Elven Day.

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