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My Story

Once upon a time, there lived an Elf who’s home was in the forest. He lived amongst the rocks and trees and the wild neighbors of the wood. There was peace and joy in the sunlight and the breeze that blew across the flowers and meadows of Spring.

One day, it came into the Elf’s mind that it was time to return to the world of man and learn to cope and manifest in a land so devoid of hope and Light and so full of fear. So, he walked out of the forest into the city to learn the next lesson in manifestation.

Of course, that young elf was me. I knew that I needed to learn to “practice what I preach” and see if I could manifest in a world where magic lay hidden behind fear and doubt. I had been studying the laws of Attraction and Manifestation for a number of years and had seen so many beautiful events occur in my life. I had traveled around the world for a time and seen both the good and bad of Man.

Often, I would return to the forest for peace and healing. But, like so many of us, once we awaken to our Elven selves it is difficult not to want to teach and spend our lives in an effort to heal others and the Land. Well, on that day, I walked out of the forest with nothing but the cloths on my back. By the time the Sun had set, I had a place to stay and a job. A local hotel was in need of a handyman and so they agreed to give me a room rent free and a job repairing the rooms doing carpentry and painting.
This was many decades ago and I have learned a little about what it takes to survive in a World that does not believe in Elves. I say I have learned a little because there is always much more to learn and as soon as we believe we have great knowledge, the Universe will let us know just how young we truly are. I was blessed throughout these journeys to be able to travel and spend time in a number of areas where there was a growing population of people striving to re-awaken and remember who they are in the great scheme of the Universe.

One such place was Virginia Beach, Virginia.  The story of how I got to this city was an adventure in itself.

Some years prior to my arrival in Virginia Beach I had received a small inheritance from my dear grandmother Molly. She was a Russian immigrant and found a life for herself in America as a very small child. She had escaped the Russian revolution just before it struck. With the money, I was able to backpack throughout Europe and eventually to Hawaii. While in Hawaii, I met a stranger in need of some help. He was very low on money and was homeless. I helped where I could and gave some money and a place to rest. As can happen with some folks on the journey through Life, he ended up trying to steal some money being sent to me by Western Union. The Universe stepped in and I was alerted to it and found him at the Western Union office as he was attempting to do so. His attempt was stopped and it was requested that I call the police and have him arrested. I chose not to press charges and put it into the hands of Life to assist him in a lesson. Karma has a way of always balancing things out and it is not my path to be a dealer of justice. I would let the Universe work out the balance.

There is a wonderful saying … How people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours. I was so rewarded for this act. Right after the incident it was time for me to return to the mainland. On the bus ride back from California to the east coast I met a very gentle soul by the name Vita Laume. She was also traveling around the country and had just been given a gift of a month’s rental at a beach house in Virginia Beach. I was collecting stories from around the World of various legends and myths. We connected so well on that bus ride as she shared stories of her homeland in Lithuania. It was at this point that she asked if I would share some time with her at the beach cottage. I happily accepted and so began my introduction to the beach.

In Virginal Beach I found so many other teachers, opening up the world to such disciplines as yoga, Zen, meditation, vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, Edgar Cayce and so much more. Here I could revel in the joy of like-minded individuals who were seeking ways to better their lives and the lives of others around them. Some of the most wonderful manifestations occurred during this time in my life.

Because I was not running a practice and was taking time to explore the world, money would often become of short supply. But each time this happened I would reach deep within my self and find the Trust and faith in Life and would allow the Universe to guide me to the next chapter. One time in particular, a rather low time in money, I walked into the local health food store, Heritage, with just a few dollars to my name. By the time I walked out I had a full time writing job. They asked if I would help in the research of a new book they were funding on the medical readings from Edgar Cayce. They would pay me each week to research all of the medical readings at the Edgar Cayce Institute and write an article for each type of malady he covered. I was actually going to be paid to spend my days reading hundreds of Mr. Cayce’s readings on the topic of medicine and write about his methods and results of the treatments. I spent years writing my chapters and contributing to the book. Eventually, The Edgar Cayce Encyclopedia of Healing by Reba Karp, editor, was published.

During this time, Life stepped in again and arranged for me to rent a house with some others right across the street from the Institute. Needless to say, this made my life considerably easier as I did not need to drive to the Institute and was also living right across the street from the beach.  I have always found the sea very calming so this was a wonderful opportunity to meditate.

This process continued for many years as I learned more about the Laws of Attraction and Manifestation. I learned about the wonderful work being done at The Findhorn Garden, had community interaction with the non-denominational church The Fellowship of the Inner Light and continued to meet new and wonderful people along the way. I was also offered the opportunity to be the main writer and photographer for the Norfolk Zoo. I wrote and created the signs at each of the exhibits and provided a monthly newsletter with my articles and photography. I also began to write a weekly column for a local newspaper. Each of these jobs paid well and allowed me to continue to have the time for my studies.

During this time I was also blessed with two children between myself and my first wife. Both were born at home and we were blessed then as well with the money needed to pay for the midwife each time. Two gentle children came into the world, one at nine pounds three ounces and the other weighing in at ten pounds. The Universe did indeed provide.

But, there came a time when it became “too easy”. It can be very easy to manifest when you are surrounded by such loving and giving folk. I knew after many years I needed to leave the beach and go where that kind of support did not exist. I needed to make sure I could put into practice what I had learned, to prove to myself, so to speak, that this was more than words in a book and gentle praise from like-minded folk. So I packed my bags and left to travel around the country, living in various states throughout the land where few people had heard of or studied Manifestation. While there were times it was difficult on an emotional or spiritual level, I was able to continue to grow and to find that I could indeed manifest in a World full of Fear.

My wife and Soulmate Peggy

I continued with my medical studies and then met my soulmate and future wife Peggy. With her came a ready made family of two more children filled with lessons in unconditional love. I was blessed to be able to adopt the youngest, Christopher,  as my own. We opened our first medical clinic together in the Deep South.

Along with my medical training, I also found I had a knack for software design so we were able to find work in that field, adding to our resources and giving us greater opportunities to learn and grow. An acquaintance called me one day and asked if I knew how to program in a particular language. I had heard of it and seen some code so I told I would be able to help him. They gave me the job right on the spot and asked me to show up Monday morning. It was Friday. I went to the local book store, purchased a book on software engineering and design and read it over the weekend. Monday I showed up and started to create new programs for their company.

Throughout this process, I continued to experience manifestation and the laws of attraction on so many levels. People would suddenly come into our lives or opportunities would “magically” appear just when we needed them. At this time, an acquaintance asked if we would come to California and do some very important software design for the U.S. Navy. We would still be able to stay in the medical field and they would pay me a retainer to work with them. For the first time, we were able to pay off all of our debt and it gave me the chance to further my medical studies as well as my spiritual pursuits.  We also began to revisit our earlier dream of finding some land in the mountains where we could build our own Elven Sanctuary. The Universe came though almost immediately.

One day Peggy and I were at a restaurant when I looked in the classifieds to see what might be available for land. We were still living in Ventura County and had our sights set on Northern California. Immediately we found a listing for 158 acres up north situated in the mountains, about a half hour outside of the local town. I stepped outside the restaurant and called the number on the listing. The owner answered and we spoke for about five minutes. The message was so strong surrounding this possibility that we quickly paid our bill and headed home to pack for a trip to northern California.

We arrived the next day to a cold and rainy morning in February. It was about two weeks from my birthday and we were excited to see where we had been led. We met the current “owner” and he drove us for about a half hour out of town, down a long and winding two lane country road. For the next two hours we trudged across the land and through white water streams. It was a paradise to me, filled with pine and oaks, hawks, bear, mountain lions and deer. Finally, my wife and I walked apart from the owner and discussed it for about ten minutes and went back and agreed to buy the land. To sweeten the deal he had already dropped the price as well as the financing charge. We gave him a deposit and made our way south back home. So became our home Eldayanna, an Elven Sanctuary.

Today, we live in an Eco-friendly home we helped design and build. Throughout the building process we were able to witness the gifts of Life as so many manifestations. The location for the home site was placed about a quarter mile into the property and required a road to be built. Due to the types of weather we get up here it was mandatory we have it graveled and leveled. A quarter mile of gravel can be quite expensive so we simply put our faith into Life and let it go. Almost immediately our contractor told us about our nearest neighbor, about a half mile away. About twenty years prior, the county had dropped a small mountain of road base on her property and told her if they did not come back for it in ten years it was hers. Needless to say, they never returned. We spoke with her and she agreed to let us have it at no charge if we would cover her driveway with it and give a small donation to her church. It cost us about two hours of our contractors time and we gave her church, in her name, a donation of $500, all that they would accept. We ended up with what would have cost us thousands of dollars and had a quarter mile drive covered in about nine inches of gravel.

These types of incidents occurred over and again during the construction of our home. For example, one of the riskiest things that can be done is to have a well dug in an unknown piece of property. We were led to a particular company with a good reputation in the county and had been there for about 60 years. The owner came up to the land and walked around the home site and based on instinct alone, he chose a spot about fifty feet from the home. He stated he had two choices and ended up with the one spot. The chance of hitting a water source can be very hit and miss and with each drilling it costs around $6000 dollars. He stated there is no guarantee and many folks end up drilling several times before they find any water at all. We agreed on the spot and the drilling commenced.

It was so endearing that at the time of the drilling our contractor started to pray that we would find water. Suddenly, at about 50 feet, very shallow for our area, the driller hit water and it literally started gushing out of the ground. He continued to drill and it ended up being one of the highest producing wells in the county. To this day it has been a wonderful lesson in manifestation. During the great 4 year drought that hit California in the next few years, ours was one of the only wells that did not go dry and continued to water our garden throughout the dry years.

In this course you will get an opportunity to watch a video on our land to get a better idea of how we were blessed to be a part of the Manifestation.

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