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Lambengolmor School of Elven Loremasters
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Our Mission Statement

It has long been known that this World is in peril and is in need of a re-awakening, a time when a great healing is called for from each and every one of us. Tolkien spoke of a time in the distant past when a race of people existed who were attuned to the World and her needs. These of course were the Elves.

But there came a time when Man would supersede the Elves, for a time. As the ages have passed, Man has grown further and further from their roots and their connection to the Earth and her children.  The knowledge of a true history was eventually passed into Legend and then faded into Myth. Now, even much of that is lost to most people.

Now, a growing number of older souls are returning to the Earth to teach and spread the knowledge of who we truly are, simply sleeping Elves and it is time to re-awaken. Tolkien wrote down a prophesy of what the future would hold in healing the People and the Earth:

“The Elves' prophecy is that one day they will fare forth from Tol Eressea
and on arriving in the world will gather all their fading kindred who still live
in the world and march towards Valinor...

This they will only do with the help of Men. If Men aid them, the fairies will take Men
to Valinor – those that wish to go –fight a great battle with Melko in Erumani
and open Valinor. Laurelin and Silpion will be rekindled, and the mountain wall
being destroyed then soft radiance will  spread over all the world, and the
Sun and Moon will be recalled.”

The Shaping Of Middle Earth P.58

We also want to do our part to helping heal this gentle world of ours so a percentage of the profits from this school witll be donated to such organizations One Tree Planted and One million Acres. We are currently donators to both of these organizations. Please let us know if you have a special one in mind.

I believe that time is coming and it is up to us to remember our origins and awaken the sleeping Elf within us all. This is the reason I believe it is time for the ancient School of the Lambengolmor to reopen her doors.

The Lambengolmor Elven School of Loremasters provides a wide range of educational classes including Elven herbal, Elven reflexology, Elven Reiki, Elven history and philosophy, language and meditation and manifestation and other complementary methods to promote optimal health, both spiritual and physical.
We embrace a variety of the most complete classes for our students for choices in their holistic/Elven education. We include education for lifestyle and nutrition changes and self care, and provide classes for the Elven Family Herbalist (Herbalst Level 1) courses, Reflexology and Reike, and nutrition

All courses at this school are taught from an Elven perspective.
Our classes are taught by Dr. Earendil M. Spindelilus D.N.M., M.H., C.F., PSc.D, , a doctor of Natural Medicine, Clinical Master Herbalist, Certified Reflexoloist, Certified Nutritionist and Reiki Master. His is the author of numerous internally sold books on health and a past holistic radio show host. He is Board Certified in Natural Medicine. He has been in practice for over 20 years.

His wife Peggy Spindelilus, is a certified Family Herbalist and a certified nutritionist. She is also a past host of a holistic radio show.

At The Lambengolmor Elven School of Loremasters we will use our unique skills, knowledge, and principles of Elven protocols to provide expert education built upon a foundation of caring and committed  relationships.

Complement your existing business or practice
In addition to starting out in a chosen career path, our courses act as a complement to any existing natural health practice. We provide courses such as reflexology, functional medicine courses, energy medicine courses, nutrition training, and more. We are proud to be able to offer such enriching courses that allow our students to expand on their existing knowledge or begin pursuing a fulfilling path in the natural healing arts.

I am not here to debate the existence of Elves or to try and convince anyone of it. This school is for those who hear a calling, who know there is more to Life than what you see or what you were taught in school.

This is for those who feel the stirrings of an Elven spirit within their Soul. It is for those who still believe in something more mysterious than themselves, for those who still believe that magic and enchantment exists in the trees, the sky and the world around them. It is for those who still believe in Elves, in other words, those who still believe in themselves, for I believe in you.
"The essence of the elven soul contains a great desire to heal.
To heal the Earth, to heal ours'elves, to heal our others and to
heal all that are around us and the only thing that prevents us
from doing so is the absolute determination by some folk,
who are not elven, to do otherwise."

                                                           The Silver Elves
Dr. Earendil M. Spindelilus D.N.M., M.H., C.R, PSc. D.. - Traditional Naturopath, Holistic Practitioner, Clinical Master Herbalist, Certified Nutritionist, Certified Reflexologist.
Doctorate degree in Natural Medicine.
Doctor of Pastoral Science and Medicine.
Board Certified Diplomate of Natural Medicine.
Licensed under the Pastoral Medical Association. License # L4318546
Reiki Master

Member of the American Council of Holistic Medicine.
Member of National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health
Member of the Pastoral Medical Association.
Member of United Plant Savers of America
Member of American Botanical Council.
Member of One Tree Planted.org
Member and listed doctor with the Physicians Committee for Reponsiible Medicine.

Trained  in such areas as Traditional Naturopathic protocols, Clinical  Herbalogy, Orthomolecular Medicine, Water Therapy, Nutrition,  Homeopathy, and Enzyme Therapy, as well as others.  I have also been a lecturer/international author since 1999.

I  have always had a deep and abiding interest in the Plant Kingdom. Even  very young I loved the way the herbs held the mystery of healing within  them and how I could learn about them. I traveled around the world  learning from different cultures their own unique floras and how they  incorporated them into the daily lives. With each new herb I learned how  special the world is and how Nature supplies us with all we need. In  the 1990s I decided to take my education further and enrolled in the  School and Natural Healing, the College of Herbal Medicine. I graduated  in 1999 with my Master Herbalist. I have also studied with the New Eden  School of Natural Medicine where I completed my Doctorate in Natural Medicine.  Shortly thereafter, We opened our first center . It has always been a  great joy meeting with our clients. We are all meant to live a happy,  healthy life and when we allow our body to perform it's innate ability  to heal itself then this can happen. I am also a past board member of  the Reflexology Association of California. I am also a published  international author/writer of numerous holistic books and articles as  well as a past host of a holistic radio show. I am an instructor with  the School of Natural Healing where I teach a course on Practicum,  relating how to run a medical clinic with patient case histories.

Doctors  of natural medicine are a multiple disciplinary group of  Natural  Health care professionals — Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Osteopaths,   Dentist, Holistic Medical Doctors, Chiropractors,
Orthomolecular   Medical Doctors and Eastern Medicine Doctors, among others who have   dedicated themselves to providing basic Natural Medicine health care   worldwide.
Doctors of Natural Medicine have met the  standards as established by  the WHO — World Health Organization for the  practice of Natural Medicine worldwide.


A  master herbalist is a specialist in herbal medicine who can advise   people on what herbal remedies to use to resolve various health issues.
Clients will often employ master herbalists to advise  customers on the products they need to cure ailments naturally.
Herbalists, also sometimes called herbal practitioners are specially trained in the field of herbal medicine.
An herbalist  uses plants and other natural substances to improve health, promote  healing, and prevent and treat illness.

Herbal medicine,  also called herbalism, botanical medicine, or phytomedicine, has been  used for thousands of years. In Western civilizations, including the  United States, herbal medicine is considered a type of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 80  percent of people worldwide use herbal remedies as part of their overall  health care.

“Herbs  are nature’s naturally concentrated pharmaceuticals that work  simultaneously on physical, emotional, and energetic levels – nature’s  green holistic pharmacy” – Steve Schechter, NP, HHP

PSc. D. – Doctor of Pastoral Science & Medicine
A  type  of license that allows qualified practitioners to practice  nautral  medicine for people across the country and into Canada.
The  license is called Doctor of Pastoral Science &  Medicine or PSc. D.   It is issued by the Pastoral Medical Association  (PMA), a private  membership association that grants licenses to  qualified practitioners  to practice natural medicine for its members.
Peggy Spindelilus, Certified Nutritionist, Clinical Family Herbalist, Nutritional Herbologist, Farmacist

Peggy  has always had an inborn ability to heal and to nurture. For years she  remained a wonderful assistant helping me in the center. The clients  have always responded well to her. After years of helping me she finally  decided to take it a step further and enrolled in the School of Natural  Healing, the College of Herbal Medicine. She has to date received her  certification as a Family Herbalist. She has also received her certification as a Nutritionist. We are all very proud of her.

She is a also a past co-host of a holistic radio show. She is of the Cherokee Nation and is proud to continue her families native traditions at the school.
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